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The editor’s top ten:

1. Kramnik's last victory Peter Svidler analyses the ex-world champion’s win from round 12 in Wijk aan Zee

2. "One of the best games from 2018": Go king hunting with Simon Williams – Move by Move! (Video)

3. Counter the King's Gambit immediately Daniel King’s video instruction shows you what to do with Black after 2...exf4 3.Nf3 d5!? (Video)

4. Sveshnikov á la Caruana: 7.Nd5 has become extremely popular since the Wch – is the new trend justified?

5. Time to be brilliant! Join Oliver Reeh to conduct a splendid attack on the king! (Video)

6. Aggressive against the Dutch: Romain Edouard recommends the immediate provocation 2.Bg5!

7. "Very easy play": Vidit annotates his victory over Vladimir Kramnik (Tata Steel)

8. “Carlsen's mighty minor pieces” - Enjoy Karsten Müller’s video analyses on the world champion’s endgame skills

9. “Post-mortem”: Robert Hübner investigates the clashes in the game Van Foreest-Ding

10. “Black has all the fun”: Rainer Knaak presents the forcing piece sacrifice 5…Bc5 in the Ponziani Opening